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Overhead Crane Operator

A job in steel?


You transport the coils safely and efficiently to the correct location whilst ensuring that the goods and the environment.

What you do

  • You record all the physical transactions into SAP using a scanner and barcodes to ensure that the products are perfectly traceable and are entered accurately into the stock system; both ingoing and outgoing.
  • You operate the overhead crane in accordance with the safety guidelines for loading, unloading and stacking heavy materials.

Who you are

  • You hold an A3 technical diploma.
  • Experience in operating an overhead crane and driving a forklift truck is a must.
  • You have excellent spatial awareness.
  • You meticulously comply with all the safety regulations for accident prevention.
  • You will at all times ensure full compliance with all the guidelines for safety, orderliness and the environment. You will avoid all risk.

What you can expect

  • A congestion-free job in the Bruges area.
  • A full-time job offer in a dynamic and international company.
  • An attractive salary package.
  • Fringe benefits such as group and hospitalisation insurance.
  • Luncheon vouchers.
  • Possibility to lease a bicycle.
  • Ample room for initiative.
  • A flexible work environment.
  • Team building and corporate events.
  • Learning and advancement opportunities.
  • You work for an ecologically conscious company. Discover our Planet Passionate programme!

Ideal colleagues speak:

Joris ide medewerker Michael
Joris ide medewerker Michael

“For me comradeship is the most important thing”

Michaël is a family person and a sports enthusiast. Making time for his family, cycling, playing football... Those are staples every single week. People at work know him as a good-natured and cheerful colleague that is easy to get along with. And that’s no luxury in his position as Quality Engineer.

“I am the link between quality, warranty and production. Open communication and building solid relationships and long-term contacts. It’s all part of the ideal job. I keep our customers satisfied and make sure my colleagues have the tools and instructions they need to manufacture high-quality products. Together we guarantee that Joris Ide products are top-notch.”

“Pleasant challenges, great teams, excellent atmosphere, wonderful colleagues. You’ll find all of those things at Joris Ide. The comradeship in particular is very important to me. I genuinely get along with every colleague I get to know better.”

Joris ide medewerker Maxim
Joris ide medewerker Maxim

“There are a lot of staff activities here”

Going abroad, a lavish lunch with colleagues, zooming around on a racing bike or gaming on his PlayStation... Maxim enjoys life to the full.

“I’m a true hedonist, both at work and in my spare time. I enjoy a good challenge and I like to learn as much as I can. And I can do that here. Joris Ide organises training courses for anyone who’s interested.”

“The fun part about working at Joris Ide is the number of staff activities: attentions at work, outings for the entire family, team building events or staff parties...”

Joris ide medewerker Annelore
Joris ide medewerker Annelore

“Joris Ide’s international character makes my job extremely varied”

Having fun with your colleagues, making the most of the opportunities that present themselves and getting your hands dirty. That is what Annelore loves most about her job in our IT department. The fact that she got to carve her own career path was a plus. “To a certain extent they give you the flexibility to define your own job content. Nothing is set in stone if you don’t want it to be.”

“My manager also places great emphasis on innovation. He likes to move forward and so do I. I keep learning thanks to the continuous adoption of new technologies within IT. I’ve been working in the same job for 6 years now and have seen the introduction of a host of innovations. That’s exactly why I never feel stuck in my job!”

“To me working at Joris Ide means enjoying diversity. In my job, in terms of colleagues but also in my work environment. Joris Ide’s international character makes my job extremely varied. I often work with other business units and so far I’ve travelled to Wales, France and Romania for work. Presently I’m flying to Slovakia and Poland as well. The perfect way to get to know different cultures and acquire new insights! These collaborations help me look at my work through fresh eyes.”

Joris ide medewerker Pieter
Joris ide medewerker Pieter

“A healthy work-life balance, perfect!”

“I’ve been working for Joris Ide for over 13 years. In my role as Finance Director I head a team of some 20 colleagues. My positive outlook helps me in my mission to inspire colleagues and imbue the firm with my personal drive and commitment. For me extensive flexibility and an open mind are indispensable in this regard.”

“Working for Joris Ide is challenging in a positive way. It’s an environment where growth - in all of its many facets - is central. Our fast expansion offers many opportunities to also grow on a personal level and take on more responsibility.  Joris Ide is characterised by accessibility and short reporting lines.”

Joris ide medewerker Ramzi
Joris ide medewerker Ramzi

“I love a positive challenge”

Ramzi is an ambitious dreamer. He dreams of travelling to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to see his sporting heroes at work. He also wants to discover as many places on earth as possible. On earth or beyond, and with the advent of space tourism that may just be in the cards.

This ambition also translates on a professional level. “I love going to work. It’s where I learn new things, where I am challenged to prove myself and where the team spirit among colleagues is exemplary. When I’m working I truly feel in my element.”

I love a challenge. I jump at new opportunities. I’m always open to learning new things and at Joris Ide I get that chance. That is why to me, working for Joris Ide means showing what I’m made of. Here I get the chance to prove myself. For someone who likes to work autonomously it’s just perfect.”

Joris ide medewerker Michèle
Joris ide medewerker Michèle

“Working for Joris Ide means getting opportunities”

Michèle can’t sit still. Almost every year she takes up a new hobby, over the weekend she rushes from one appointment to the next and her holidays are so crammed with things to see and do there’s hardly any time to relax. Even now she’s probably dreaming about her next destination.

She’s like that at work as well. She really comes into her own when she can juggle multiple projects at once. That comes in handy because at Joris Ide there’s no shortage of new challenges.

“For me, working for Joris Ide means getting opportunities. If you show them you’re hungry for more your ambition will be rewarded. I was given more responsibility with every new project I worked on. My proactive nature landed me a slot on the Young Potentials Programme of the Kingspan Group. As a result, I will get to take my first steps on the international scene next year.”

Joris ide medewerker Charlotte
Joris ide medewerker Charlotte

“Every day fun at the office”

Charlotte is a genuine people person. She’ll do anything for her family and friends. She enjoys the little things in life: a glass of wine, a party game or just good company. Charlotte has a positive outlook on life and makes the most of every day.

Humour plays a key part in this. On the work floor she always gets everyone laughing with her witty remarks and dry humour. “I like to be there for my colleagues and they return the favour! I give them tips on how to work more efficiently and with a bigger smile.”

“The fun part about working for Joris Ide are my amazing colleagues. Under the motto ‘smiling colleagues work harder’ we create a top atmosphere on the work floor. That is why our team building and Joris Ide events are so much fun. During world cup matches we come to work in the Belgian tricolour flag and during the Christmas period we always wear (ugly) Christmas sweaters. That makes the job just perfect!”

Fun fact:

Charlotte collects old Volkswagen Beetles. Miniature Beetles, of course, and only yellow ones. A colour that suits her personality to a T: cheerful, positive, creative and goal-oriented.